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Birman Cat Breeder With Kittens for sale

The Birman looks like a pointed cat with four white feet and deep blue eyes. Originally referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma, the Birman is an ancient breed that’s been prized for generations for her beautiful markings and lovely, mild temperament. These mid-size cats are sociable, easy-going felines that make wonderful pets for people of all ages. Our cattery breeds healthy Birman kittens for sale.


It's hard to describe perfection, but Birman cats come pretty close. An ancient member of the cat clan, Birmans (originally known as the Sacred Cat of Burma) have been charming people for centuries. Once beloved by temple monks, these walking beauties have become popular pets around the globe.

You won't forget the first time you see a Birman kitten. That's because these fantastic felines sport a lush cream-color coat with contrasting points (color on the lower legs, ears, face, and tail) topped with snow white gloves on all four feet and bright blue eyes.

In the serendipitous year of 2009, my journey as a breeder began with an unexpected and heartwarming gift – a precious Birman kitten. Little did I know, that furry bundle of joy would not only steal my heart but also ignite the spark that would lead to the creation of "Birman Cattery."